YES, this is a valid interpretation.


Notice the way they are firmly, but gently holding hands. Notice their round faces and loving smiles. The illustration shows their relatedness.

What do they have in common? Their eyebrows are alike, their smiles are alike, their eyes are the same color, they both are wearing dresses. They both have the same color hair. They both have the same color shopping bags. They are both wearing sweaters.

What is different about them? Their clothes are different colors. One is wearing pump shoes. The other is wearing sandals. One is wearing socks, the other is not.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Mothers and daughters have some qualities they share in common, but many other qualities that are different. From the illustration, it is clear that this family is a mother and daughter team.

The neighborhood buildings you see in the background are also a very important part of this story. In those buildings are all the extended family members, friends, and neighbors that help Rosa and her mom when they experience a difficult time in their lives.

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Consider another interpretation.