WORLD MUSIC QUIZ                                             


1) Describe the erhu. What country is it from?

2) What is the oldest Persian instrument? Can you find a Web link to this instrument?

3) Where might you hear the song Shalom Hkaverim? What does it mean?

4) What is the sarangi? What sound does it make?

5) What is the kalimba? In what country is it played?

6) Where is the comuz played? What does it look like?

7) What is the kyyak? How does it sound?

8) Describe the pipa.

9) What is the tabla? When is the tabla used?

10) What kind of sound is made by the veena, and what country is the veena from?

11) Who sings Sibezwa Bekhuluma?

12) What instruments are your favorites and why?