A History of Musical Instruments               Your Name:_______________________

Complete these questions. You may use online resources as well as Neil Ardley's books, A Young Person's Guide to Music and Eyewitness Music.

1. What instrument was discovered in 40,000 BC? ______________________________________________________________.

2. What is the earliest musical instrument to have survived to the present day, and where did it come from? (Hint: It's a string instrument!)


3. Listen to recreated ancient Mesopotamian music, what instruments do you hear? ________________________________________


4. In ancient Egypt, who played flutes and pipes that made a drone sound? __________________________________________

What modern day instruments make a drone sound?_________________________________________________________



5. In 950 BC, the Temple is dedicated in Jerusalem, what kind of musical instruments were played?_______________________



6. What civilization developed the pitches of the scales of notes used in western music?  _________________________________


7. The first organ is believed to have been created in 220 by _________________________________.


8. What is the Erhu, and in what year was it developed? What other Chinese instruments were played in 300 AD.


9. What happened to the Roman Empire in 410 AD? __________________________________  How did this effect music in Europe?

10. While Europe was in the "Dark Ages" (500AD-900AD) music was developing in Persia and China, find a URL for Persian or Chinese music between 500-900 AD, and share the link.

11. In 1,000 AD wandering minstrels were common in Europe,  what instrument did he or she often play?_____________

12. In what year was the first piano, the pianoforte invented? ______________     How was it different from the



13. In 1715, Antonio Stradivarius made the finest violins in all of history. Some are still in existence today. Nowadays, name one orchestra that uses his violins? How much would one cost today?

14. What is "hausmusik" and what instruments were popular in European homes in the 1800's? _________________________

15. What new form of instruments became popular in the 1950's and 1960's? _______________________________________

16. In what year was the first audio CD made?_________________________________